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WYTHEVILLE, Va. – Officials are ready to open a Waste Water Treatment Plant just off Interstate 77 at Exit 24 in Wythe County.

With significant potential for growth, the Poplar Camp exit needed a Waste Water Treatment Plant to accompany the public water that was already available. The Wythe County Board of Supervisors sought funding and approved a plant to meet the potential growth of the Poplar Camp area.

In addition to the millions of travelers passing by on Interstate 77, the Poplar Camp exit provides access to the New River Trail State Park, including the Shot Tower and Foster Falls Village. At the state park, citizens can camp, picnic, fish, kayak, bike or go horseback riding to enjoy the 57 mile linear park.

The addition of the plant at the Poplar Camp exit provides an ideal location for hotels and restaurants to serve the one million people that visit the New River Trail State Park annually.

Lead Mines District Board of Supervisors Member Coy McRoberts said the creation of the plant is a positive move for Wythe County.

“I think it will be a great move for the county,” McRoberts said. “It will give them a head start on new businesses. They will have plenty of places to build. The idea is to get more businesses there so we can have a tax base for the county.”

This project involves providing waste water service to the immediate area surrounding Exit 24. The project includes a gravity collection system, a raw wastewater pump station and a new wastewater treatment facility.

Funding for this project was approved by the State Water Control Board in December of 2013 through the Virginia Clean Water Revolving Loan Fund Program in the amount of $2,203,600. An additional $100,000 grant was obtained from the Mount Rogers Planning District for a total project programmed cost of $2,203,600.

The waste water plant has a design capacity of 20,000 gallons. It is expandable to 100,000 gallons to meet future demands. The waste water treatment plant is a return activated sludge facility that utilizes biological treatment to treat the incoming wastewater and discharge effluent to Shorts Creek. The plant discharge must meet DEQ permit requirements.

The design contract was awarded in 2014 to Thrasher Engineering of Beaver, WV. A contract was awarded to Frizzel Construction Company, Inc. of Bristol, TN. for the wastewater treatment plant in the amount of $1,037,000. A separate contact for the collection system, including the lift station, was awarded to Little B Enterprises of Castlewood, Va. in August 2016 for $904,047.35.

According to a Wythe County Water and Sewer Study, the project will help with several needs:

  • A centralized wastewater system will be able to serve existing residents and existing and future businesses and eliminate existing onsite septic systems, including some that have been in need of repair.
  • The Exit 24 area, specifically the intersection of Fort Chiswell Road and Lead Mines Road, has significant potential for growth. Public water service is now available in much of the project area, which removes a significant restriction to commercial, residential, and or industrial development. Centralized wastewater collection and treatment is needed to adequately support that growth in a way that will minimize negative environmental impacts to the area and Shorts Creek.
  • This project results in creating the necessary infrastructure to meet the county’s goals, which was to provide the necessary water and waste water infrastructure to serve the Exit 24 interchange.

The ribbon cutting will be held on May 22, 2018 at 12 p.m. The address for the new plant is 186 Castleton Road Max Meadows, Va. 24360. The event will be held at the new plant which is approximately 1 mile from Exit 24.

If you would like more information about this topic, or to schedule an interview with Wythe County officials, please call Blake Stowers at 276-223-4522 or email Blake at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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