In 1999, Wythe County closed its county jail. The Wythe County Sheriff’s Office now has a local lock-up. However, since 1999 Wythe County along with other jurisdictions participates in the New River Valley Regional Jail. The New River Valley Regional Jail is responsible for housing all inmates. During transition, officers are responsible for maintaining the detainee in the lock-up facility until personnel from the NRVRJ arrive to transport. This lock-up facility is located within the Sheriff’s Office.


This division is responsible for heading and filing approximately 20,000 civil papers yearly. This division also provides security for the Circuit Court, Juvenile & Domestic Court, and General District Court. The civil process division handles all property seizures and sales under court order. In 2009, the Wythe County Sheriff's Office Civil Division served over 18,000 civil papers, 100 Emergency Custody orders, 119 Temporary Detention Orders and 151 Emergency Protective orders.  In addition, more than 1,068 hours were spent transporting prisoners and 1,188 hours in training.