For the past five years, the Wythe County Sheriff's Office has entered the Virginia Chiefs of Police Enforcement Challenge. Criteria must be met in order to be in contention for winning. The Wythe County Sheriff's Office takes great pride in meeting the criteria and in winning this award for the past five years.

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Chris Coleman Officer of the year 2010WASHINGTON, D.C. (September 27, 2010) – Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) recognized the best of the best on Saturday for their dedication and accomplishments over the past year, at the 2010 President’s Awards Dinner, the closing event of the MADD’s 30th Anniversary National Conference in Washington, D.C.  MADD National President Laura Dean-Mooney honored 17 staff members, volunteers and partners for their outstanding work in furthering MADD’s mission to stop drunk driving, support the victims of this violent crime and prevent underage drinking.

“These people and organizations have all demonstrated tremendous commitment to the safety of individuals and families in their communities,” said Dean-Mooney. “Looking back on our remarkable 30-year history, I know MADD simply wouldn’t be where we are today without people like them working to end this violent crime, which took 10,839 lives last year alone.”

The Wythe County Sheriff’s Office is extremely proud to announce that this year’s winner of the National President’s Award for Outstanding Individual Law Enforcement Achievement is one of our own.  At a black -tie dinner held on September 25th, 2010, at the 30th Anniversary MADD National Conference in Washington, D.C., Deputy Robert “Chris” Coleman of the Wythe County Sheriff's Office was presented with his award and received a standing ovation from a crowd of over 300.

Deputy Coleman’s award comes from his outstanding work and finely-attuned instincts on July 7, 2009, when he stopped a vehicle on Interstate-81 that was recklessly driving at 85 m.p.h.  Upon stopping the vehicle, Deputy Coleman realized that the driver, Lisa Damron, was drunk.  He further realized that the passenger, Jerry Damron, was also drunk.  Doggedly investigating the situation, it was not long before Deputy Coleman discovered the body of Kelly Lynette Cully hidden in the back of the vehicle. The Damrons had murdered her earlier in the morning.  Deputy Coleman was also able to retrieve a concealed handgun from Jerry Damron.  Further investigation revealed that Jerry Damron was on a bond from North Carolina for the involuntary manslaughter of one of his children.  This occurred as a result of an collision where, it is alleged, that Damron was impaired while driving.  
Deputy Coleman’s heroism, bravery, and tenacity on July 7, 2009, not only protected our citizens from a drunk driver, but put two murderers into custody.

It is rewarding to have his efforts recognized by MADD’s most prestigious award.  We join in congratulating Deputy Coleman.