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Requirements for permit application - Manufactured Home

1. Homeowner's name, address, and phone number.

2. Description of proposed use.

3. Description of property - location, deed, map and account numbers and registered owner.(The social security number needed is the one listed first on the title) (This information will be used by the Building Official to determine if the lot or tract of property meets all applicable subdivision ordinance requirements. No permits may be issued on lots or tracts divided in conflict with any applicable ordinance). When giving description of property, please include route numbers and mileage, if possible.

4. Total acreage of property, as stated in deed. Copy of Signed & Recorded Survey Plat or Deed.

5. Septic Disposal Permit - obtain from Wythe County Environmental Health Services, 750 Ridge Road, Wytheville, VA 24382. (located beside Wythe County Community Hospital - see Jim Nidiffer or Mike Durham). A septic permit is required prior to getting a building permit and is necessary when setting up a manufactured home and building bedroom additions that are not included when original septic was installed. If the septic system is existing, we must have verification in our files. If the septic system is not existing, you must make application at the Health Department. Once your septic system permit is issued, bring a copy to the Building Inspection's Department and as long as your application complies with all ordinances, the Building Official will sign and approve your building permit.

6. Entranceway Permit - obtain from Virginia Department of Highway and Transportation (located on Highway 11S). An entranceway permit is required prior to making application for a building permit and is necessary when cutting a new driveway off a state maintained road. If property has existing driveway or is on a private road, this does not apply.

7. Dimensions of manufactured home - the size of the manufactured home, excluding the hitch or tongue (4 ft.). Basement additions are included as living space, unfinished or finished, and, therefore, are charged as living space.

8. Estimated cost of manufactured home only, excluding financing.

9. Person or company setting up manufactured home.  Manufactured Home Certification of Installation form (required before Certificate of Occupancy is issued).

10. Need to know if the property fronts on a state maintained road or does the property have a right of way. If property has a right of way, the width of the right of way is needed. This information is required to comply with the Subdivision Ordinance of Wythe County.

11. Number of manufactured homes to be occupied on the total acreage owned. If more than one, need to know who occupies each. This information is necessary to comply with the Mobile Home Park Ordinance of Wythe County.

12. Permit Fees - Fees are based on the total square footage of the manufactured home. The fee is sixteen cents per square foot plus a 2% state levy tax. Personal checks are accepted and are payable to Wythe County Treasurer.

13. When you make application to set up your manufactured home, please specify whether or not you plan to add porches and/or decks to your home in the near future. If you specify that you do plan to add porches and/or decks, no other permit is required and the existing permit to set up your manufactured home will cover the additions as long as these additions are done before you request your final inspection. If you are unsure or do not wish to specify that you plan to add porches and/or decks and you decide in the future to do so, an additional permit will be required.

14. If any information changes on the application for a manufactured home such as size of square footage, please notify our office prior to paying for the permit or prior to the permit being issued, if possible. Otherwise, the permit must be voided and a new application must be made with the necessary permit fees paid again. Building permits fees are refundable, but the 1% state levy tax is not. In the event that you do not plan to set up the home, you may receive a refund as long as no inspections have been made and it has been within six months from the date the building permit was issued. Any exceptions to this rule must be approved by the Building Official. Refunds are given by the Treasurer of Wythe County.

15. Electrical Service and equipment shall be inspected and approved by the Building Inspection Department before A.E.P. will be notified to energize service.