dicker choirThe Wythe County Sheriff’s Office believes it is important to educate, inform and assist the citizens with its various programs. With this in mind, the Wythe County Sheriff’s Office is active in contributing available resources and services to the citizens of the community. The Sheriff's Office is involved in the community watch, youth identification, fingerprint, seminars about con-artists, rip-off schemes, and the distribution of material to the public on improving security in the home and business. Also, classes on self-defense and firearms safety are offered to female residents.


Project Peddler

After taking office in 1999, Sheriff Osborne began this program to protect citizens from fraudulent door to door sales.

Cops In Schools

crash dummies The Wythe County Sheriff’s Office has three full time school resource officers as well as two full time police officers which are allocated to the three local high schools. These stationed officers at our local schools provide safety and security, deter crime, investigate criminal activity that occurs on school property. They also educate faculty and staff on the rights and responsibilities of students. Through working closely with principals and support personnel, the officers serve as role models, mentors, sources of information for problems occurring inside and outside the schools. These officers continue to provide the safe and secure learning environments that Wythe County has traditionally provided its students.


Class Action – Virginia Teens and the Law

DMV Cool RulesThis program is designed to educate Virginia Teens as members of the community about the law and their rights and responsibilities. School resource officers are trained to instruct this self-contained curriculum, Class Action – Virginia Teens and the Law, through a series of four or five 50 minute classes in addition to the existing curriculum that is normally being taught. The classes cover topics such as the juvenile justice system, crimes against persons and property, drug and weapon offenses and Virginia motor vehicle laws.